About the International Preterm Birth Industry Meeting


The purpose of the meeting is to highlight the issues and market potential associated with translating discovery for new products (diagnostics, therapeutics and technologies) and companies and services for women’s pregnancy health and newborn health into application in laboratories, clinics and hospitals to improve pregnancy outcomes. In spite of a great need for these products, the investment into pregnancy and neonatal product development lags considerably behind other areas of health. In many instances, these reasons are historical as new developments and approaches are breaking down the barriers of the past so that the risks are diminished and the potential return on investment is considerable. Our intent is to illuminate the need for new products and services, expose the barriers, highlight how they can be overcome and to reveal the enormous world-wide market potential for entrepreneurs and investors. The intention is to spur idea creation, company or service formation, and investment. The goal is to more rapidly translate discoveries to clinics and hospitals in order to improve women’s pregnancy health and newborn health.